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Camper Videos

2016 Camp

FilmeTape "Stay Strong"

Music video by Fierce Flix campers Ella J, Hana, and Luke for Girls Rock band Fandom.

2017 Camp

Sonder Reel (Maybe Fisting) - "Girls" by Weeping Fawn

Sonder Reel (Maybe Fisting): Maggie, Mina, Ruby, Tunde, V Producer: Theresa

2018 Camp

The Big Gay Juice Agenda

Music video for Cloudgayzer “All Gay Cops Are Traitors”

By: Bobby, Holland, Miko

Producers: Ryder & Wifey

2019 Camp

The Buttered Biscuits

Music video for The Txlips “The Lost One”

By: Lillian, Sophie T., Cai, Elizabeth L., Orion, Willow

Producers: Vik & Cas

2023 Camp - COMING SOON!

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